Course Offerings


FA5120 Concert Choir

FA5240 Jazz Ensemble

FA5260 Wind Ensemble

FA3100 Drama

Career & Technical Education

CT3100 Marketing 1

CT3310 Visual Art 1

CT3320 Commercial Art 1

CT3340 Photography 1

CT3400 American Sign Language 1

CT3440 Introduction to Photography and Video Production

CT3510  Career Choices

CT4150 Retail Management

CT4180 Financial Algebra

CT4540 Graphics Arts And Multimedia

CT5100 Marketing 2

CT5400 American Sign Language 2

CT5410 American Sign Language 3

CT5430 American Sign Language Interpreter

CT5710 Exploring Computer Science

CT7400 AP Computer Science Principles

English Language Arts

EN3110 Beginning Reading and Writing - ELL

EN3280 Advanced Language Development

EN3290 Language Essentials

EN3340 Learning Lab: Reading and Writing 1

EN3600 Literature/Composition 1

EN3620 Literature/Composition 2

EN3998 English Collection of Evidence/Independent Study

EN5600 Literature/Composition 3

EN5640 Literature/Composition 4

EN8300 AP English Language and Composition

EN8400 AP English Literature and Composition


MT3100           Math - ELL

MT3120           Learning Lab: Math 1

MT3400           Algebra Essentials

MT3500           Algebra 1

MT3600           Geometry

MT5100           Math Collection of Evidence 1

MT5500           Algebra 2

MT5600           Pre-Calculus

MT5620           Calculus

Physical Education/ Health

PE3400 Adaptive PE

PE3500 Health Education

PE5300 Fitness Foundations

PE5400 Healthy Living

PE5700 Weight Training 1

PE5800 Yoga Fitness

PE5950 Team Sports

PE6000  Functional Fitness


SC3100 Biology

SC5720 UWHS Astronomy 101

SC5800 Chemistry

SC5900 Physics

Social Studies

SS3190 Contemporary Global Issues

SS3300 Modern World History

SS5200 U.S. History

SS5450 Civics

SS5995  Debate

SS8200 AP U.S. History

SS8600 AP Psychology

SS8700 AP Government and Politics

World Language

WL3010           Spanish 1

WL3300           Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1

WL4010           Spanish 2

WL5010           Spanish 3

WL8010           AP Spanish Language and Culture


SD3220 Avid 10

SD3300 Learning Strategies 1

SD3340 Personal Development

SD3500 Academic Skill Functional Living

SD3660 Leadership

SD3720 Upward Bound

SD5000 Recreation/Leisure Skills

SD5520 Preparation for Work

SD5560 Skills for Independent Living

SD5999 Running Start