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Tyee is beyond excited to house the WELS program on our campus. 

Any 9th through 11th grade student across Highline Public Schools has an opportunity to join this unique program which focuses on environmental stewardship and community service. Ninth-grade students can participate in Green Club and be High School Leaders at Waskowitz. In 10th and 11th grade, students will begin attending WELs classes.

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In the midst of a climate crisis and following a global pandemic, the Waskowitz Environmental Leadership Service (WELS) program aims to prepare its students with the tools necessary to become stewards of our Earth, to feel empowered to take action on environmental issues, and to speak out about environmental injustices. Education is power and our students will support and guide their community, especially the  young students, in building scientific literacy.

WELS is different than traditional education. 

Students Teach

All of our students get an opportunity to learn and practice teaching skills in a variety of situations throughout the program.

Students Lead

We believe that all our students are capable of being leaders -- with younger elementary students, with their own peers, and within their communities. We spend a great deal of time exploring what it means to be a leader as well as practical opportunities to try out new leadership skills.

Outdoor Challenge

During an outdoor adventure, nature provides real-life situations with immediate feedback that require the use of communication, self-evaluation, and creative problem-solving.

Project based Learning

Project Based Learning is a curriculum and structure designed to engage students in authentic and relevant problem-based projects. Projects are student-centered, meet rigorous academic standards, are interdisciplinary, and provide students with opportunities to build 21st century skills. Community partnerships are an essential piece of these projects to motivate change. Some of these partners include Waskowitz, Mountains to Sound Greenway, YMCA, Earth gen, Pacific Education Institute, etc.

Hands-on, Minds-on Learning

Much of our curriculum is taught experientially--learning through experience--and thereby serves most intelligence and learning styles.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

In the real world, life is not divided into math, science, or English. We recognize this, and we use a scientific lens while incorporating multiple subjects at once in authentic learning opportunities.

Environmental Stewardship

Our community is not limited to the people around us. Our community includes the plants, animals, land, air, and water. Throughout our programs, we remain sensitive to how our decisions impact everything around us.

Application Information

During the application window, use our online application portal to complete and submit an application. Create an account using an email address. After providing basic guardian and student information, save and/or submit your application.

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